2003 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Harrogate - 7th December 2003


Harrogate Indoor Regional Round 2.
Report by Brian Hopps

Race Data

Championship Tables (2wd) (4wd)

The second round of the NE indoor series was held at the usual St John Fisher venue just outside Harrogate. The track was mainly carpet with a long sweeping uncarpeted 180 at the end of the back straight, which led onto a jump in front of the rostrum. This then turned back onto the infield section which included some ripples and  a small jump, then round to a fast section leading back onto the straight, the quicker drivers were circulating this in around 14 seconds. Some drivers complained at first that it was too simple, but the layout actually provided clean qualifying as there were plenty of places for overtaking, and most finals were very good to watch. Particularly interesting was the fight for the lead in the 2wd A final between Richard Lowe and Ben Riley, and was it fast, both drivers beating their qualifying times by around three seconds. Apart from the 12th lap when Ben made a rare mistake and lost the lead, the two cars were racing within inches of each other, and it is some testimony to both these drivers that they never collided once.














A Final 2WD
1) Richard Lowe
2) Ben Riley
3) Paul Bradby
B Final 2WD
1) James Dixon
2) Stuart Evans
3) Chris Moody
C Final 2WD
1) Richard Coats
2) Daryl Turnbull
3) Dougie Pratt
D Final 2WD
1) James Storey
2) Jack Kirby
3) Mike Bradbury
E Final 2WD
1) Jonathan Carver
2) Emily Shields
3) Cath Moody
F Final 2WD
1) Stuart Jefferson
2) Melissa Scott
3) James Clark
A Final 4WD
1) Stephen Adams
2) Chris Long
3) Kash Khan
B Final 4WD
1) Richard Norris
2) Jason Young
3) Peter Watson
C Final 4WD
1) Alan Dawkins
2) Glenn Atterton
3) Nick Cornwell
D Final 4WD
1) Phil Studley
2) Lee Emery
3) Michael Pattinson


Indoor Regional - Durham
11th January 2004