2004/5 North East Indoor Finals - 10th Electric Off Road
York - 12th/13th March 2005


Race Data

The 2005 Off-Road National Indoor Finals were held by York Off Road Car Club on the weekend of 12th / 13th March at the School hall in Huntingdon. This is the end of season race of Regional qualifying which took place over the winter. The entry was a little disappointing given that off-road racing is becoming more popular recently, but nevertheless plenty of top drivers attended from all over the UK.

The track was made up of carpet and shiny floor with a couple of technical sections and a big jump just in front of the rostrum. Almost everyone used Schumacher Minipins and the qualifying method both days was round by round.



Paul Bradby receiving the TQ prize from Race Director Phil Studley










2 wheel drive A Finalists

4 wheel drive A Finalists







Paul Worsley calculated the Regional competition, and this is how it worked out;

100 points were awarded to the winner of the A Final, 99 to second place, and so on down the list.
The six highest points drivers were then taken from each region and those drivers points added up to give a total for each region.

This is done separately for each day, 2WD and 4WD and the points are added together, regions not fielding a full team of six drivers are disadvantaged.

The results are in the table below.
North East 557 531 1088
Mid South 441 544 985
Mid West 469 470 939
South West 396 382 778
North West 370 298 668
South East 292 338 630
Wales 212 218 430
Mid East 78 225 303
Scotland 142 159 301
Northern Ireland 73 94 167
East of England 84 81 165


A Final 2wd
1) Paul Bradby
2) Darren Bloomfield
3) Simon Moss
B Final 2wd
1) Lee Martin
2) Matt Dodd
3) Phil Sleigh
C Final 2wd
1) Tony Truman
2) Matt Benfield
3) Matt White
D Final 2wd
1) Adam Tinsley
2) Adam Brown
3) James Wallis
E Final 2wd
1) Chris Thompson
2) Andrew Duncombe
3) Martin Spooner
F Final 2wd
1) Carl Hopps
2) Daryll Turnbull
3) Steve Butterfield
G Final 2wd
1) Simon Wood
2) Gary Otto
3) Richard Lund
H Final 2wd
1) Chris Bell
2) Jeff Stanton
3) Emily Shields
A Final 4wd
1) Darren Bloomfield
2) Richard Lowe
3) Richard Barton
B Final 4wd
1) Simon Moss
2) Matt Osland-Jones
3) Matt Benfield
C Final 4wd
1) Craig Harris
2) Matt Dodd
3) Stephen Childerhouse
D Final 4wd
1) Adam Carter
2) John Pape
3) Ross Irwin
E Final 4wd
1) John Allen
2) Andrew Brown
3) Rob Harris
F Final 4wd
1) David Church
2) Mark Watson
3) Martin Carter
G Final 4wd
1) Gary Otto
2) Malcolm McDougall
3) Nathan Higgins
H Final 4wd
1) Bobby Scott
2) Mellissa Scott
3) Johnny Turton


1st 2WD Round Outdoor Regional Series
17th April 2005