2004/5 North East Indoor Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Teesside - 14th November 2004


Teesside Indoor Regional Round 1.
Report by Brian Hopps

Race Data

First meeting back for the North East indoor regional events was at the Teesside indoor facility, the event also being known as the "Aces Winternational". The number of F1 drivers competing for the indoor championship at this event was again disappointing, but their absence didn't mean that the heats and finals were any less competitive. For the first time the North East and North West regions were competing as one and as most drivers from the NW region race 2wd that did increase the entry to 59, but only 19 drivers had entered 4wd.

The Teesside members had designed a challenging track, and had included a crossover which proved to be unpopular with drivers as it made a section of the track blind.  Features like this maybe have their place at fun events, but not at races where championship points are being competed for. As far as I know it didn't cost anyone their race, or championship points, but it was difficult to marshal cars when they became trapped underneath. The crossover issue was made up for to some degree by a ramp just in front of the rostrum, which provided some fun for those willing to risk damaging their cars.

The 4wd final ended up a scrap between James Pritchard, Ben Riley and the eventual winner Richard Harper with several drivers having led the race at some stage. 2wd honours went to Richard Lowe who had been in second place for the first half of the race having been unable to pass David Snee. David who had been in pole, and the only driver to get 15 laps in qualifying, made a mistake and was unable to make the distance back up to challenge Richard again.

Please note that at the time of writing the date for the next round at Harrogate has been changed to the 19th December, check on Fullthrottle or Racechat for further news.

A Final 2wd
1) Richard Lowe
A Final 4wd
1) Richard Harper
B Final 2wd
1) Carl Hopps
B Final 4wd
1) Peter Watson
C Final 2wd
1) Richard Coates
D Final 2wd
1) David Hall
E Final 2wd
1) Ian C Craig
F Final 2wd
1) Melissa Scott
G Final 2wd
1) James Shanley


Indoor Regional - Harrogate
19th December 2004