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Results from Junior and Intermediate Finals - 9/10th September 2000
10th Electric Off Road

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Results 4WD - 2WD

This was the third year that the Juniors have been held at Marston, and what made it so different from the other two occasions was the weather. I understand that it absolutely scythed it down in Yorkshire, but Wolverhampton was bathed in glorious sunshine - yeehah.

The racing is run in two age groups, under thirteen and under sixteen, (as of 1 January 2000) for 2WD buggies on Saturday and 4WD buggies on Sunday.

There is also a prize for the region with the most points from their top three drivers in each class. 

There was a full turnout of 120 drivers for the 2WD event and 80 drivers for 4WD on Sunday, with great racing on both days.

This was the last meeting ever to be held at the Marston track, as the land is to be use for industrial development. It was certainly a memorable note on which to end.



1. Chilterns Mid-South
2. Midlands West
3. North East




North East driver Luke Sanders was the star of the show in the under sixteen age group, with TQ's and wins in both 2WD and 4WD. Well Done, Luke.

U16 - 2WD
1st Luke Sanders
10th Ian Cockerill
45th Alex Curry
47th John Hirst
54th Andrew Amos
67th James Hamburg

U16 - 4WD
1st Luke Sanders
8th Ian Cockerill
10th Richard Harper
42nd Sam Whitaker

U13 - 2WD
6th Tom Cockerill
10th Carl Hopps
11th Peter Newbould
29th Craig Stephenson
25th Emily Shields
26th Neil Foster
42nd Robert Hamburg

U13 - 4WD
6th Carl Hopps
9th Tom Cockerill

Ian Cockerill made both under sixteen "A" finals

Richard Harper made the 4WD U16 "A" final on his first attempt

Tom Cockerill (left) and Carl Hopps (below) shared the honours in the U13 competition for the North East.

They both drove well and made "A" finals on both days, with Tom getting his best result in 2WD and Carl getting his best in 4WD.

Peter Newbould (caught here in the gloom of Saturday evening, the racing didn't finish until 7:00pm!) had a great day in U13 2WD. He ran in the "A" all day, but got pipped in the last round. Still managed to win the "B" final, though!

Craig Stephenson made a U13 "B" final in 2WD

Emily Shields U13 2WD "C" final

Andrew Amos - U16 2WD "F" final

Neil Foster - 6th in the U13 2WD "C" final