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Results from F3/F4 Finals - 23/24th September 2000
10th Electric Off Road

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Results 4WD (Sorry no results available for 2WD)
Saturday - 2WD
The F3/F4/F5 Finals were held again this year at Himley Park, near Dudley in the West Midlands. The park provides an excellent setting for the event and Dudley Model Car Club put on a first rate meeting. There were some concerns initially about the track, but once racing got underway, those fears were mostly forgotten about.
The weather was very kind to us on Saturday for the 2 Wheel Drive event, the temperature hitting 28 degrees at one point, but oh dear, what a mess on Sunday.
Most of the team from the North East camped over the weekend, and we were lucky to be able to pitch (& pit) close together.
Friday night saw most of the team tackling some of the local cuisine at a place called The Pie Factory. The pies are MASSIVE, and Andy Mitton was the only one to finish his! Some people used this as an excuse for a poor result on Saturday, but it was a long day, eventually finishing in the dusk around 7.00pm. (See team picture below)
The racing was predictably close on Saturday, and it was generally felt that if there was a prize for the most courteous team for the weekend, we would have won it! (Read between the lines there, and draw your own conclusions).
There were a few incidents at the bottom of the fast downhill straight, but most of the time was made up having a good tidy run through the twisty infield sections. Unfortunately some heats were very competitive, and there was plenty of opportunity for the occasional tap from the rear.
The 2WD Team
Name Final
Chris Hirst F 2nd
Andrew Bulmer F 6th
Doug Pratt E 5th
Matthew Manley C 3rd
Andy Mitton E 3rd
Glenn Atterton H 6th
Andrew Fox A 8th
Craig Mawson C 10th
Kevin Kitchen C 8th
David Crowther H 4th
Carl Hopps G 9th
Richard Norris D 10th
Simon Major I 4th
John Hirst J 10th
The North East 2WD Team finished 4th overall
Sunday - 4WD
The rain came just before driver's briefing and Brian Duggan had a job on to get everyone out of the shelter of their tents and in front of the rostrum. The rain didn't let up until mid afternoon, but the track remained fairly consistent throughout (i.e. an inch of thick sticky mud on the line), and held up quite well.
Everyone thought that the early rounds would see the fastest times, but nearly everyone improved . All the team did well, particular Andrew Fox who made the A on both days, Kevin Kitchen and David Crowther also went well in the wet on Sunday, making the B & C finals. Fastest man of the day though was Brian Wilkinson, who didn't get out of bed in Bradford until 6:45 and still made it in time for practice (Paul should have shown more appreciation for his dad's efforts though (he only did 1 lap, then pulled off declaring that the car was ok!)
The mud was so thick that most drivers at some stage had difficulties making their cells last, but no-one reported any electrical problems due to the rain.
Name Qualified
in Final
Andrew Bulmer A 8th
Chris Hirst C 8th
Andrew Fox A 6th
Matthew Manley C 4th
Glenn Atterton D 1st
Craig Mawson E 9th
Carl Hopps F 6th
Richard Harper C 9th
Kevin Kitchen B 3rd
David Crowther C 5th
Sam Whitaker G 5th
Simon Major E 4th
Nigel Rothery I 10th
Paul Wilkinson D 4th
The North East 4WD Team finished 3rd overall