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Results from Junior and Intermediate Finals - 22/23rd September 2001
10th Electric Off Road

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Results 4WD - 2WD

Well, Hampshire is a long way south of our region, but most people agreed that it was well worth the trip. The Hampshire track is very challenging, mostly Astro-Turf, with a huge fast sweeping banked bend and an awesome (but very driveable) triple jump in the in-field.

Fortunately this year, a change in the rules gave the drivers two rounds of practise with which to acquaint themselves with the track, and the control tyres (Schumacher mini-spikes and Ballistic mini-spikes) took another variable out of the equation.

We were blessed with good weather and some fine racing. Our congratulations to Tom Cockerill, who made a double 'A' final in his last year of competition at U13 level. Iain Clarke made a B final at his first ever Juniors. Emily Shields made two B finals and still has another year to go at U13 level.

At U16 level, Peter Newbould with two more years as a junior will be pleased with his B final. John Hirst finished in the B too, and Steven Pierce made the D at his first attempt. Jonathan Clarke was disappointed with his 2WD result, but made up for it on Sunday with a B in 4WD. Richard Harper couldn't quite repeat last year's glory, but still managed the B final in 4WD.

That just leaves Carl Hopps, beset with mechanical problems this year, but still smiling as you can see from the photos and with two years to go, time is on his side to repeat his excellent U13 results.


1. Chilterns Mid-South
2. Midlands West
3. North East


In his last year of competition at Junior level, North East driver Luke Sanders finished runner-up in 2WD and won the 4WD event to give him his seventh Junior title. Congratulations, Luke.

U16 - 2WD
2nd Luke Sanders
16th Peter Newbould
18th John Hirst
35th Steven Pierce
41st Jonathan Clarke
42nd Carl Hopps

U16 - 4WD
1st Luke Sanders
17th Richard Harper
18th Jonathan Clarke
24th Carl Hopps


U13 - 2WD
5th Tom Cockerill
15th Iain Clarke
19th Emily Shields

U13 - 4WD
5th Tom Cockerill
12th Emily Shields


The 2WD Team
Emily Shields
Jonathan Clarke
Tom Cockerill
Carl Hopps
Peter Newbould
Iain Clarke
Luke Sanders
John Hirst
Steven Pierce

The 4WD Team
Carl Hopps
Tom Cockerill
Emily Shields
Luke Sanders
Jonathan Clarke
Richard Harper