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Results from the Junior Finals - 21st/22nd September 2002
Aylesbury Off Road Car Club
10th Electric Off Road

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Race Data 4WD 2WD
The first visit to Aylesbury Off Road Car Club for the North East Juniors.
Report by Brian Hopps.
    If you had competed at the Nationals then you will no doubt have visited the Aylesbury club before, however this was the first visit for most of the North East drivers and all had positive comments after a weekend of mostly fine weather and good racing.

Saturday was sunny and warm and to everyone's surprise the race director chose TQ for the day. We were surprised because nearly every event this year has been designated round by round, and I think most people have now become accustomed to, and prefer that method of qualifying. The track at Aylesbury is all grass, and proved to cut up badly when a National was run here last year, however with only seven heats for each day this never became a problem. Heavy rope marked out an interesting course on both days, but unlike the hose pipe used by a lot of clubs, this stuff grabbed hold of cars if the driver was unfortunate enough to get too close.
It's a shame that the entry list at the Juniors has diminished over the past couple of years, but this didn't stop our drivers enjoying a well run event, and also competing in Brian Harris's (Northern Hard Boys  v The Southern Softies) football game. Don't ask me how they know who is on which team, or if anyone bothers keeping score, but rumour has it the Northern team won.
Odds on favourite for 2wd Under 13's was local driver Darren Bloomfield, and he justified everyone's prediction by lapping the field in every qualifying round, and two of the A final legs. He also made history in this event by being the first driver to win it three times in a row.
The Under 16's was less predictable with Chris Bowater narrowly taking the win from Tom Yardy.

2wd Under 13 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result
1. Shields, Emily A Final 5th 5th
2. Carter, Adam A Final 8th 8th

2wd Under 16 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result
1. Cockerill, Tom B Final 6th 1st
2. Hopps, Carl A Final 7th 4th
3. Newbould, Peter A Final 5th 8th
4. Pierce, Steven C Final 7th 7th
5. Carver, Jonathan D Final 5th 1st
6. Gordon, Richard B Final 10th 4th
7. Clarke, Iain C Final 8th 8th

The North East 2wd Team
Everyone deserves an applause for attending events far from home and their names
mentioned in these reports, but if I don't print that Jonathan Carver had a bad weekend
for various reasons, he will be disappointed. (Pictured above, far right)


      Once again the race director chose TQ as the weather was predicted to be dry. Some rain did fall just as the finals were getting underway, but not enough to make a big difference to the track conditions. Again Darren Bloomfield took the Under 13's 4wd with ease, and Tom Yardy in Under 16's.
Sunday was also the day that the BRCA had made provision for the not so young drivers to take part in a Vets class. This was made up of Mum's, Dad's and BRCA officials, all displaying a variety of driving skills. This was my first real attempt at racing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although there were comments that some of my lines around corners were questionable.
Well done to all the drivers from the North East. Don't forget, spread the word about R/C Racing, tell them how much you enjoyed yourself, get your mates interested and maybe we can get the numbers competing at this event up for next year.

The North East Junior 4wd Team and the "Vets"
(Jonathan Carver top left)


4WD Under 13 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result
1. Shields, Emily A Final 4th 9th

4WD Under 16 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result
1. Cockerill, Tom A Final 8th 8th
2. Hopps, Carl A Final 5th 4th
3. Clarke, Iain B Final 10th 7th
4. Pierce, Steven C Final 3rd 2nd
5. Carver, Jonathan B Final 4th 10th
6. Gordon, Richard C Final 5th 3rd
Finally -  Brian "The Arsenal" Harris lets one slip after a hefty Italian meal on Saturday night and Paul Draper gets caught downwind !  


As you can see from the table on the right, the Mid West team won the Regional Competition.
Each winner of each competition got 1 point, 10th in the A got 10 etc., etc.
Teams compised 3 U13 2WD, 3 U16 2WD, 3 U13 4WD and 3 U16 4WD.
Any shortfall in the 12 persons was penalised by the award of 99 pts.
Many thanks to Brian Harris for supplying the data.
REGION 2wd 4wd total
Midlands West 114 26 140
North East 135 141 276
Chilterns/Mid S 138 140 278
North West 205 320 525
Midlands East 191 338 529
Home/East 261 337 598
South West 204 511 715
Wales 338 514 852
Scotland 498 497 995
South East 594 594 1188


  Watch out for a similar picture in Racer Magazine in coming months.