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Results from F3/F4/F5 Finals - 7th/8th September 2002
Worcester Model Car Club
10th Electric Off Road

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Race Data 4WD 2WD
The North East Region driver's handed both Regional Trophies back to Mid West at Worcester, but 4WD individual honours were taken by Tom Cockerill.
Report by Brian Hopps.
This event is held for drivers with formula grades of F5, F4 and F3, and for many is an introduction to racing at a National event against the best drivers in these classes, from most of the UK regions. This is the second occasion that Worcester Model Car Club have held the event, and once again we had two days of great racing.

Saturday 2WD

After the torrential rain on Friday night, Saturday started fine and with the weather men forecasting rain later in the day, the race director chose round by round qualifying. The track here doesn't seem to be affected by rain too much, and by the time practice was over most drivers had chosen Schumacher Minispikes in yellow compound for the first round.

In qualifying Craig Mawson and Carl Hopps secured their eventual 3rd and 4th A final placings by the end of round 2, with the rest of the team having a variety of problems, most notable being Dave Grunhill whose performance was hindered by some bad luck, and poor driving from some other drivers in his heats.

The rain never came, but the track held up quite well to provide some exciting racing in the finals. The A final favourite was always going to be pole man Simon Willetts, and after a 5th in round 1, confirmed his grid position by taking the next two legs fairly comfortably from Gavin Crolla. Craig finished 5th, and Carl 4th.

All drivers representing the region did well and deserve mention, here is how they finished overall in the region and at the finals.
The 4 wheel drive listing is further down this page.

2wd F3 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result

1. Grunhill, Dave

B Final 5th 5th

2, Cockerill, Tom

D Final 4th 9th

3. Norris, Richard

C Final 4th 7th

4. Hopps, Carl

A Final 4th 4th

5. Sykes, James

D Final 7th

6. Mawson, Craig

A Final 3rd 3rd

2wd F4 / F5 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result

1. Clarke, Jonathan

F Final 5th 4th

2. Walker, Anthony

G Final 1st 2nd

3. Campbell, Phil

E Final 10th 9th

4. Atterton, Glenn

C Final 7th 8th

5. Stevenson, Craig

D Final 8th 8th

6. Kirk, Stephen

E Final 3rd 5th

7. Khan, Kash

I Final 2nd 2nd

8. Pierce, Steven

J Final 7th 7th

9. Carver, Jonathan

H Final 2nd 10th

10. Shields, Emily

D Final 6th 6th
11. Richard Gordon J Final 4th 3rd

12. Clarke, Iain

J Final 3rd 2nd

13. Inglis, Alex

H Final 5th 9th

14. Watson, Peter

I Final 8th 9th

  Most of the 2WD team pictured below.

  The North East teams are always guaranteed to make the most of their weekends away, and this one was no exception. A 23HP scooter (and riders) provided entertainment for most of Saturday evening, racing around the Perdiswell Centre car park on it. Although some of the parents had a go, the remainder of the evening was spent by them pursuing a less dangerous pastime down at the local pub.


  Sunday 4WD

After Saturday Tom Cockerill had obviously woken up with a mission in mind. He was racing the usual Predator, boasting a new shell (white of course) and in round 2, set was to be TQ by .29 of a second from the previous day's winner Simon Willetts, they were also the only two drivers to post 14 laps.

Round by round was employed, as again rain was forecast for later on in the day. This time it was well founded as heavy showers fell after leg 1 of the A final had been run. The A final first leg had been disappointing for Tom as he had been pushed out on the first corner, and ran steady in 4th until the last lap when he overtook fellow North East driver Craig Mawson for 3rd place. Leg 2 saw a determined drive from Tom, he stormed away in wet conditions to come in 1st, ahead of leg 1 winner Simon Willetts. With Simon and Tom with one win each, Tom needed a 1 in leg 3 to be assured of taking the meeting. Nerves occasionally got the better of him in the last couple of laps (not to mention his Dad's), but he came through for a fantastic win, well done Tom.


4WD F3 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result

1. Grunhill, Dave

B Final 7th 6th

2. Mawson, Craig

A Final 4th 4th

3. Cockerill, Tom

A Final 1st 1st

4. Norris, Richard

B Fianl 9th 4th

5. Hopps, Carl

B Final 8th 9th

6. Sykes, James

D Final 4th 9th

4WD F4 / F5 Drivers

Qualifying Position Result

1. Clarke, Jonathan

C Final 10th 2nd

2. Walker, Anthony

B Final 10th 8th

3. Kirk, Stephen

E Final 7th 10th

4. Sharratt, Antony

E Final 6th 5th

5. Khan, Kash

E Final 3rd 9th

6. Kemp, James

C Final 1st 4th

7. Shields, Emily

E Final 1st 3rd

8. Towers, Gemma

F Final 9th 6th

9. Clarke, Iain

E Final 9th 8th

10. Watson, Peter

H Final 8th 9th

11. Carver, Jonathan

C Final 5th 7th

12. Atterton, Glenn

D Final 9th 5th

13. Inglis, Alex

G Final 9th 6th

Team talk before the finals.