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Results from the Regional Finals - 5th/6th October 2002
Worksop Model Car Club
10th Electric Off Road

Race Data 4WD 2WD
Report by Brian Hopps.
  The Regional Championship, formerly the F2 Finals has been held at Holbeach for the past few years, this time it was the turn of Worksop Radio Car Club to hold the last outdoor event of 2002. The track is multi surface, and the WRCC team laid out a challenging and interesting course on both days. The dry weather had continued all weekend and tyre choice was almost exclusively Schumacher yellows. The grass areas were cut short, and with parts of the track getting fairly rough by the end of the weekend, worn tyres seemed to work ok, making the event an economical one.
2WD Team (In Qualifying Order) Final & Position Qualified Finished
1 Ben Riley B 4th 6th
2 Kevin Kitchen E 7th 3rd
3 James Dixon D 10th 6th
4 Graham North E 6th 1st
5 Andrew Fox F 2nd 9th
6 Dave Grunhill D 8th 10th
7 Tom Cockerill D 6th 5th
8 Chris Hirst D 4th 8th
9 Jonathan Carr B 6th 10th
10 James Wright (DNS)    
11 Richard Harper C 5th 6th
12 Richard Lowe C 7th 3rd
13 John Harris G 6th 5th
14 Carl Hopps E 10th 5th
15 Jonathan Clarke F 6th 3rd
16 James Sykes (DNS)    
17 Brett Stansfield G 2nd 10th
18 Andy Mitton H 9th 7th
19 Mark Harrison E 4th 9th
Andrew Pattison I 5th 5th
4WD Team (In Qualifying Order) Final & Position Qualified Finished
1 Graham North B 8th 9th
2 Jonathan Carr B 5th 1st
3 Kevin Kitchen D 9th 8th
4 James Dixon B 7th 4th
5 Paul Sykes C 5th 7th
6 Dave Grunhill E 7th 8th
7 Richard Harper C 6th 8th
8 Craig Mawson (DNS)    
9 Tom Cockerill C 2nd 3rd
10 Ben Riley A 7th 7th
11 Jonathan Clarke E 10th 5th
12 Chris Hirst F 5th 3rd
13 Carl Hopps D 2nd 4th
14 James Sykes (DNS)    
15 Stephen Kirk G 3rd 4th
Andrew Fox F 2nd 10th
  The concrete hairpin at the end of the straight caused a few upsets in 4WD.  


1 Midlands West 66 56 122
2 Chilterns/Mid S  56 109 165
3 North East 156 101 257
4 Midlands East 187 219 406
5 East of England 296 349 645
6 South West 339 386 725
7 North West 315 412 727
8 South East 505 463 968
9 Wales  561 445 1006
10 Northern Ireland 600 600 1200
11 Scotland 600 600 1200

Many thanks to Brian Harris for supplying the Regional Championship data.




Stuart Whyman pictured doing his bit for "Keep Britain Tidy"

On behalf of all the drivers from the North East Region a big thank you to all the BRCA Officials for running some superb events this year (and keeping us amused at times into the bargain).