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BRCA F3/F4 & F5 Finals, 20th/21st September 2003
10th Electric Off Road

  Race Data 2WD 4WD
This event is held for drivers with formula grades of F5, F4 and F3, and is for many an introduction to
racing at a National event against the best drivers in these classes, this year it was also the last
National event on the calendar. This was the third consecutive year that Worcester Model Car Club
have held the event, and we had two days of great racing.
The excellent weather that we have had at most events this year continued and meant that the track didn't
have much grass to start with, and it was virtually non existent by the time 4WD had finished on Sunday.
The race directors used round by round for qualifying and Schumacher yellow mini-spikes were mainly used,
with some drivers having success using blue compound as the grip went away.
Thanks to the Worcester Club members who worked hard all weekend to put on a great event.

Below are a sample of many pictures taken by James Storey, thanks to Jimmy for letting us use them. You can see the full set on and