2004 National Finals - 10th Electric Off Road

2004 Under 13, Under 16, Under 19 and Veterans
Telford - 24th - 25th July 2004


Report by Brian Hopps.

Race Data 2WD 4WD

Telford was the venue for the Under 13, 16, 19 and Veterans Championship, commonly known as "The Juniors".
The club had held the Regional Championships with great success in 2003 and this year they didn't disappoint again,
the whole weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, watch out for this track being used in the National series next year.







Some North West drivers are registered as North East and the region was well
represented with 17 drivers in 2 wheel drive and 12 in 4 wheel drive.
Schumacher Mini-spikes and Ballistic Buggy Mini-spikes were the nominated tyres,
and as the weather was good most of the time the tyre to use was the Schumacher
Yellow compound. These tyres worked well even when the the track was damp
after the odd shower on Sunday, and the track didn't really show any signs
of breaking up anywhere
. Race director Phil Sleigh chose round by round for qualifying.









Congratulations to everyone who competed,
especially Matthew Latham, who must be well
pleased to be Under 13 Champion in both classes.

Tom Cockerill came 3rd in the under 16 class,
and Carl Hopps was 3rd in the Under 19's










Here is how the North East drivers finished up, well done to everyone who competed.

  2WD   4WD  
Under 13's Qualified Result Qualified Result
Thomas Draper A7 6th A8 4th
Thomas Moore A5 3rd A3 5th
Matthew Latham A1 1st A1 1st
Under 16's        
Mark Watson B6 1st B3 7th
Adam Carter A10 10th A10 9th
Bobby Scott A7 7th A6 6th
Melissa Scott C2 2nd B5 6th
Tom Cockerill A2 2nd A4 3rd
Emily Shields B2 7th B2 3rd
Under 19's        
Carl Hopps A4 7th A5 3rd
Steven Pierce A7 8th    
Jonathan Carver A8 10th A10 10th
Martin Carter A9 7th A7 7th
Paul Draper A5 4th    
Mike Cockerill B7 4th B6 7th
Keith Shields B4 5th