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Results from York - 4th June 2000
2000 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Outdoor Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

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The York Club's track at Wigginton
...  very long at around 200 metres per lap...

Well there was thunder and lightning the night before, and flooding all over Yorkshire and Co. Durham, but it actually stayed dry for the York Club's first ever hosting of a BRCA regional. And what a great job they made of it too. Congratulations to all the York club for an extremely well presented and managed event. The good news is that FT hears that they may apply to run a 2WD / 4WD weekend next year - Don't miss it!
... It was also a tad unusual for having a traffic island in the middle of it! Equal in length in each direction, the track wear shows the favoured route, but there were a few enterprising souls during the day who successfully made a pass by making a brief excursion the other way!

FT liked the offset jumps too. You could go down the left or right and take two jumps; down the middle and do all four, or take a kind of sweeping left to right line from jump two clearing jump three (and usually land it on the roof!) Good fun!
Action from the second leg of the "A" Final

2WD A Final
A win for David Snee (centre), from Steve Lawson (left - not bad, a top three position racing an apple) and Luke Sanders in third

2WD B Final
1. Kevin Kitchen (centre)
2. Richard Newbould (right)
3. Andy Bulmer (left)

2WD C Final
1. Matthew Manley (centre)
2. Paul Hopson (left)
3. Richard Norris (right)

2WD D Final
1. Craig Stevenson (centre)
2. David Hall (right)
3. Scott Nicholson (left)

2WD E Final
1. Iain Downie (right)
2. Bob Lumb (centre)
3. Anthony Blakey (left)

The Webmaster at play.
Andy Mitton takes some time off from software to get to grips with some hardware. Had a good day too with a B final

Mark Harrison, Luke Sanders and David Snee get some air at the jump
End of a great day's racing.
Many hands make light work! This is the way to clear away the track.