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Results from Durham - 18th June 2000
2000 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Outdoor Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

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The Regional Circus hit Pink Panther Town for Round 3 of the 4WD Off-road Series. The Durham Club are very fortunate to have the use of the facilities of the Nissan Sports and Social Club at Washington. Their indoor hall is a real first class venue, but this was the first time FT had visited their outdoor track. A long and twisty course had been laid out to challenge the drivers, seen here from the bar and Restaurant that over looked the track! (That's right Homer - Beer and Donuts) Our thanks to Bill Allison and all his colleagues at Durham for laying on a fine meeting, and even going to the trouble of ordering some decent weather for us. 
Did we mention the earthquake!!

Our camera-man has just graduated from the "Batman and Robin School of Film and Photographic Art"

(Nice one, but try holding the camera straight text time!)

Above - First Leg of the A Final gets under way. 
20 metres into the race, and in such tight formation that it would put the  Red Arrows to shame. The only one we are missing is Ian Kenningley, out of shot in front - Show off - serves him right!


The drivers hold an impromptu Fly Fishing Contest whilst waiting for the start of the race

4WD A Final
Currently seeded number one in the UK, Ian Kenningley (centre) TQ'ed and won, from local "Bonnie Lad" David Snee (right) in second and Paul Bradby (left) in third

4WD B Final
1. Paul Kenningley (centre)
2. Graham North (left)
3. Craig Mawson (right)

4WD C Final
1. Richard Harper (centre)
2. Chris Green (right)
3. Paul Jones (left)


4WD D Final
1. Malcolm Hebden (centre)
2. David Walton (right)
3. Scott Nicholson (left)