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Results from Harrogate Kit Car Show - Round 2, 27-28th May 2001
2001 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

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More sunshine at the Regionals - we could get to like this. Dave Stephenson and the rest of the Harrogate Club had made a great effort to stage their round of the championship at The Kit Car Show which was held at the Great Yorkshire Showground. This was mainly aimed at introducing our sport to a new and wider audience, and it proved a great success, with hundreds of people watching the racing over the two days. Thanks too, to Dianne Harrison for tirelessly leafleting the visitors over the two days. It also gave our drivers a free chance to look around some pretty tricky motors at the Kit Car Show, too.

There was some very close racing all weekend, particularly 4WD, resulting finally in a double win for the current 4WD National Champion, Neil Cragg.

If you get the chance next year, don't miss it!


The next round of the Regionals is at Batley. Run the Regional and get some useful practice for the National later in the year. . 

2WD - 
Saturday 16 June

4WD - 
Sunday 17 June


The 4WD A Final gets underway...

     4WD A Final
     1. Neil Cragg (centre)
     2. Ian Kenningley (right)
     3. Luke Sanders (left)


2WD A Final
1. Neil Cragg (centre)
2. Adam Skelding (right)
3. Steve Lawson (left)

     4WD B Final
     1. Adam Skelding (centre)
     2. David Snee (left) 
     3. Mark Harrison (right)

2WD B Final
1. Simon Cook (centre)
2. Rob Gammon (left)
3. James Dixon (right)

     4WD C Final

     1. Andy Fox (centre)
     2. Ian Cockerill (left)
     3. Carl Hopps (right)

2WD C Final
1.Mike Hooley (centre)
2. Ian Cockerill (right)
3. Mark Hooley (left)

     4WD D Final
1. Tom Cockerill (centre)
     2. Jason Harrison-Young (right)
     3. Andrew Lumb (left)


2WD D Final
1. Craig Mawson (centre)
2. Peter Newbould (right)
3. Craig Stephenson (left)

     4WD E Final
1. Iain Downie (centre)
     2. Alex Inglis (left)
     3. Nigel Rothery (right)


2WD E Final
1. Alex Curry (centre)
2. Andrew Amos (right)
3. Bruce Thompson (left)


2WD F Final
1. Daniel Land (centre)
2. Sam Rushworth (right)
3. Phil Studley (left)