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Results from Batley Buggy Club - Round 3, 16-17th June 2001
2001 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

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Report by Graham North

Sorry there are no pictures from the 4wd event, no one had a camera!

Sunday was a nice day compared to the Saturday, but it was cold.  There had been a bit of rain overnight, but the main problem was the wind.  At 10.30 pm a Gazebo completed three forward rolls, but was unable to land itself from itís acrobatic manoeuvre, and ended up being a tangled mess on the track.  It was left there until the morning, hoping it would blow into the river; the best place for it.  Several drivers returned to the site after a night out in Wakefield, in the early hours of the morning, and could be heard laughing at the twisted wreckage of metal and tarpaulin laid on the track, their humour very much fuelled by alcohol!

The track had been altered substantially from the Saturday, thankfully using the famous banked corner (even though some local kids had tried to ruin it with there bikes the night before).  It was, what I would call a standard Batley layout, which was fine as many people were getting in practice for the National being held on the 4th and 5th of August.  Lets hope the weather stays nice for it this year. 

The usual suspects attended the meeting, some big names had booked in, but unfortunately did not turn up, probably put off by the weather the day before.  What a good days racing they missed!

Qualifying was extremely close, one mistake could cost you a lot at the end of the round.

Results summery

A Final


Steven Lawson


Ian Kenningley


Jonathan Carr


B Final


David Snee


Ian Cockerill


Graham North


C Final


David Crowther


Richard Harper


Christopher Hirst


D Final


Louise Hebden


Nigel Rothery


Malcolm Hebden



Special mentions to:

Jonathan Carr :          An F2 finishing third overall, and winning the first leg of the A Final.

Colin Brennan :          An F3 (but not for long!) finishing fourth overall, and lead the first leg of the A Final until the last two laps! (Did the back door drop out?)

See you all next time.

 (PS Iím probably working on a track design for York as you read this, I promise it wonít be as big as last year, but will have some interesting features!)


Oh, all right, well it rained a bit - but does it look like it spoiled our fun? No chance. It cut the finals down to being just a one leg affair, and we lost Batley's gorgeous banked clay turn, but otherwise it was business as usual!




The next round of the 2WD Regional Series is at York. 

Sunday 15 July



Here, the A Final gets away in close order, with Adam Skelding well placed to make a move on Neil Cragg for the lead and Luke Sanders and Steve Lawson in close order behind them. Neil held his nerve to take the win.
2WD A Final

1. Neil Cragg (centre)
2. Paul Bradby (left)
3. Steve Lawson (right)

2WD B Final
1. Jonathan Carr (centre)
2. Mark Harrison (right)
3. Ben Riley (left)

  2WD C Final
1. Peter Newbould (centre)
2. Colin Brennan (left)
3. Darren Batty (right)

2WD D Final

1. Andrew Amos (centre)
2. Neil Foster (left)
3. John Brayshaw (right)