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Results from York - 20th/21st July 2002
Round 3 4WD / Round 4 2WD
2002 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

  Race Data - 2WD
Race Data - 4WD
Championship Tables 2WD 4WD

  This event at York Off-Road Car Club was the only weekend this year that we have had back to back races, with round three of 4 wheel drive on Saturday, and, for the second year running the last round of the 2 wheel drive series. Phil Studley, Mike Riley, Derek Bradby and the York club members hosted a great event at this popular venue. With the Euros at Tiverton only a couple of days away, many top drivers chose to give this meeting a miss, so there was the opportunity for most attending to gain a few extra points in the championship.

Phil Studley in race control with Dianne Harrison, who took the microphone on Sunday so Phil could take part in the meeting. Dianne, Mike Riley and Derek also did the refereeing.



     It's a car Jim .............

     Dave Bailey took FTD in 4WD




Although Saturday morning started out fine and sunny, the sun that Phil ordered made way for some appalling weather later in the afternoon as can be seen here, for safety the racing was suspended for a time while a storm blew over. We were lucky, a mile down the road from Wiggington, a camp site was left under a couple of inched of water.

4WD A Final
1. Dave Bailey
2. Paul Bradby
3. Jonathan Carr


       4WD B Final
       1. Darren Batty
       2. Chris Hirst
       3. Paul Sykes 


4WD C Final
1. Malcolm Hebden
2. Jonathan Carver
3. Kash Khan

4WD E Final
1. Peter Watson
2. Paul Russon
3. Greg Mellor



The B final gets underway

2 Wheel Drive 
Sunshine and a drying track meant that most drivers chose yellow compound tyres on Sunday.

Paul Bradby was in a class of his own in 2WD with Ben Riley and Jim Dixon getting closer in Leg 2 of the A finals.



2WD A Final
1. Paul Bradby
2. Ben Riley
3. Jonathan Carr

2WD B Final
1. Andrew Fox
2. Dave Grunhill
3. Richard Harper

2WD C Final
1. Richard Lowe
2. James Sykes
3. Peter Newbould



2WD E Final
1. James Hudson
2. Adam Carter
3. Paul Russon

2WD D Final
1. Emily Shields
2. Andrew Amos
3. Peter Watson