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Results from Harrogate - Round 2 2WD, 11th May 2003
2003 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

Championship Tables 2WD



The 2 wheel drive championship is being closely contested, with Neil Cragg, Paul Bradby and David Bailey battling it out, currently separated by only 3 points.
The regular drivers gathered around the rostrum complete with sandwiches, flasks of coffee and sleeping bags in readiness for one of Dave Stephenson's epic drivers briefings, but it was over in five minutes as this was the first regional meeting being run by the new Harrogate team, led by Daniel Carter. (Pictured below in race control). Dave's experience was missed though when 4 heats from round 2 were unreliably counted and things got bit frantic in race control. Dianne Harrison offered to calculate the finishing times but it was decided by the drivers to scrap the round and have four qualifying rounds plus a single final instead of the usual 3 legged ones. Some drivers were complaining about their time being lost, but it was one of those situations where it would be impossible to please everyone. Earlier there were a few mutterings about TQ being the choice of qualifying as the weather did not look good at all, but there were only the early heats of one round that raced during a short shower, and at the end of the day the A final drivers were treated to a heavier shower.


A Final (left)
1. Neil Cragg
2  David Bailey
3. Ben Riley


B Final (right)
1. Tom Cockerill
2. Graham North
3. Andy Fox


D Final (above)
1. Andrew Ryan
2. James Storey
3. Peter Watson

  C Final (above)
1. Craig Stephenson
2. Andrew Shillito
James Sykes




E Final (above)
1. Kash Khan
2. Emily Shields
3. Bobby Scott



F Final (above)
1. Mike Cockerill
2. Chris Lee
Kesar Jagdev


G Final ((left)
1. Rachel Patterson

The next Regional event is the second 4WD round and is at Batley on 1st June.

The next 2 wheel drive Regional event, is at Durham on 22nd June.

In the last report we said that there would be no booking in on the day at Nationals, this was incorrect.