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Results from Durham - Round 3 2WD, 22nd June 2003
2003 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

Championship Tables 2WD


Associated 1 2 3 at Durham MCC

The success of the new Associated B4 this year has been fantastic and is a very competitive package straight out of the box. Mick
Cragg built one for David Snee in his spare time today, and had it track ready in an hour and a half. David will be using it at Batley in the forthcoming National in 2 weeks time, and drove it for a few laps around the Durham track to get the feel of it, and was very impressed with the way it handled. The numbers of drivers talking about buying a B4 means that we are in danger of having a one make series next year !

There were a few glum faces when we arrived at the Nissan factory track at Durham, the rain was torrential at times, and bolts of lightning meant racing was inevi
tably going to be held up. Bill Allison the Durham MCC race director chose round by round for qualifying, and racing eventually got underway mid morning. A slight wind and excellent drainage on this temporary track meant drivers were soon racing in good conditions and lap times became faster, coming in at around 19 seconds. In round one tyre choice had been mixed, some choosing Ballistic Buggy greens or blues and some on TR32's, but by round three the grass had worn away, become dry and almost everyone had switched to Schumacher yellow compound.
Not everyone was happy after this round when it was announced that due to the late start there would be single leg finals instead of the usual three, particularly when every final was run in fine weather.

Tony Snee, the North East Regional Representative announced at drivers briefing that if any driver in the following classes (Under 13, Under 16, Under 19 and Veterens (over 40) were interested in racing at the Junior Finals at Worksop on July 12th / 13th then entries were required within the next few days. If you didn't see Tony about this at today's meeting and you want to race, then please send me an email by Friday 27th June at the latest with your name, BRCA number, crystals and class entered.


A Final
1. Neil Cragg
2. Paul Bradby
3. Ben Riley



B Final
1. Andy Fox
2. Carl Hopps
3. Simon Cook
C Final
1. James Sykes
2. James Wright
3. Richard Norris

D Final
1. Emily Shields
2. John Price
3. Mark Watson

E Final
1. Bobby Scott
2. Martin Carter
3. Stuart Jefferson

Tom Cockerill has found that rugby is a lot more dangerous than driving model cars.

Next Regional event is at York on July 19th and 20th (Round 3 4WD on Saturday and Round 4 2WD on Sunday).

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