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Results from Batley - Round 2 4WD, 1st June 2003
2003 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

Championship Tables 4WD



The sun shone on Batley (for a change), and after a week when it seemed that round 2 of the 4 wheel drive championship might have to be cancelled, almost everything came together, and we had a great meeting.
The club's container had been broken into a couple of weeks earlier and most of the equipment needed to run a meeting had been stolen. This included generators, computer, printer, lawnmowers etc, and although when it comes to the Inter-Club at the end of the year there is fierce rivalry, every club in the region rallied round to make sure this meeting went ahead by loaning club and privately owned equipment

Due to these problems, the Batley members had not been able to spend as much time preparing the track as they normally would have, certain areas cut up badly in the dry conditions and had to be repaired as the day progressed.

Race director, Steve Lawson chose round by round as the forecast was for heavy showers kater in the day but only light rain fell during the last leg of the A final, and nearly everyone was using Schumacher yellow compound tyres right from the start. Quite a few drivers had changed cars since the first round of 4wd, most notably Ben Riley, who after many years racing his Schumacher had switched to the new TC3 "O". Understandably Ben didn't dominate as he had at Durham, the days honours going to Adam Skelding who performed well in the 3 legged finals from P2 to take the meeting.

Special thanks from Batley Buggy Club to everyone who offered help and especially those that loaned equipment to ensure this meeting went ahead.


A Final
1. Adam Skelding
2. Steve Lawson
3. Neil Cragg



B Final
1. Richard Lowe
2. Kash Khan
3. Stuart Evans
C Final
1. Stephen Adams
2. Douglas Pratt
3. Iain Clarke

D Final
1. Louise Hebden
2. James Storey
3. Andrew Pattison

E Final
1. Chris Clarke
2. Alex Inglis
3. Sean Craig

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No prizes though :-)

Next Regional event is the third 2WD round and back at Durham on 22nd June

As Tony Snee mentioned at the drivers briefing, if you want to race at any of the National events this year, let him know as soon as possible.

BTW - Congratulations to "Grandad & Granny" Kenningley on the birth of their Grandson.

Non Regional Final (2WD)
Stephen Childerhouse
James Dixon
Dave Grunhill