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Results from York - Round 3 4WD, 20th July 2003
and Round 4 2WD, 21st July 2003
2003 North East Regional Series Results

10th Electric Off Road Series
Best 3 results from 4 to count

2wd  Championship Tables 4WD 2WD

2WD Sunday 21st July 2003
Neil Cragg wins North East 2WD Championship

The 4WD event which was run on Saturday would normally be the first in line, but as this was the 4th and
last round I decided that this last should be first. The results from each round (with the exception of rounds
one and two where Paul and Dave swapped places) had been consistent, with Neil first, Paul second and
Dave 3rd, and this is how the 2WD Championship finished. Ben Riley could have made third, but would
have needed a win at this last event to take it.

The tracks, designed by Graham North and his crew on both days were excellent, particularly the 2WD
which was fast and flowing with plenty of opportunities for overtaking in qualifying without being held up.
The track is all grass which doesn't cut up too badly with use, and has a couple of artificial jumps to make things
interesting. Derek Bradby was the race director for the weekend and chose round by round for qualifying as the weather
forecast had predicted heavy showers for both days. The weather men got it completely wrong again, and from Friday
through to Sunday night the sun shone. Some tracks would have broken up on the exit of corners, but
the York track held up well, even with an entry of 114 over both days and kept it's consistency with Schumacher yellow
compound being the tyre of choice. Off Road in the North East Region is definitely on the up with 68 drivers
competing in 2WD, lets hope it continues.


A Final
1. Neil Cragg
2. Paul Bradby
3, Dave Bailey

B Final
1. Andy Fox
2. Richard Lowe
3. Richard Harper

C Final
1. James Sykes
2. Daryl Turnbull
3. Brett Stansfield


D Final
1. Andrew Grayson
2. David Bentley
3. Steven Pierce

E Final
1. Tom Cockerill
2. Matthew Latham
3. Martin Carter

F Final
1. James Wright
2. James Wallis
3. Tony Rochester

G Final
1. Jonny Turton
2. Melissa Scott
3. Ian Scaife

Thanks to Phil Studley, Derek Bradby and the York club members for a superb event

Pictured above are the York club members that were presented trophies for their Club Championships on Saturday evening.

4WD Saturday 20th July 2003
Adam Skelding takes TQ and the 3rd round of the 4WD Championship

Adam has taken charge of the 4WD series with two 101's and a 96. Graham North and Kevin Kitchen are scrapping over
the final podium positions and this is where the interest will lie going into the last round.
The 4wd event on Saturday was the penultimate round with the last one being at the new Teesside venue, everyone agrees
that the old venue at Preston Park will take some beating, but all the North East drivers are looking forward to the
challenge of the new track.

A Final
1. Adam Skelding
2. Graham North
3. Damien Whittle

B Final
1. Kevin Kitchen
2. Chris Hirst (Those motors get very hot Chris !)
3. Ben Riley

C Final
1. Alan Dawkins
2. Simon Major
3. Gemma Towers

D Final
1. Tom Cockerill
2. Iain Clarke
3. Emily Shields


E Final
1. Peter Watson
2. Adam Carter
3. Andrew Baker

We get some interesting models at the North East Region events.

Graham and Julie North.