2003 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Teesside - 17th August 2003

A welcome return to Teesside and a brand new track.
Report by Brian Hopps

Race Data

Final Championship Tables (2wd) (4wd)

This was our first visit to Teesside Model Car Club's new track, in fact it was the first large meeting ever to be held at this new Off and On-Road venue in the North East. The club had worked extremely hard in the preceding weeks to get the track laid, and only completed it a few days before the event. The track is within a motor sport centre which has a go-cart track and trails for Quad Bikes, and the addition of both R/C tracks really makes this an exciting venue, which we hope will feature as a National venue soon.
The surface is a mix of astroturf and grass, and due to the weather being so dry, the astroturf had not had chance settle down and bond with the earth so there were a few sections where cars kicked up, making it difficult to drive smoothly.

Going into this last round of 4wd, Adam Skelding had 297 points, so even if second place man Graham North had TQ'd and won the meeting he would still be one point behind. As it was David Bailey's score of 98 brought him up from 27th place to take second, Graham being demoted to third.
The 4wd class has been more open than 2wd where the top three at this meeting have populated those places all season. Special mention must go to Ben Riley who had one of those bad days that we all know about, and still turned up to race (and win) the D final with a smile on his face.

Neil Cragg on his way to win the meeting.

Up in the North East we know how to pit in style !
Above is Tony Snee's mobile shop, and pictured below is Carl watching the racing from the top of Stuart Jefferson's pit box.

If the club can keep up the momentum, commitment  and enthusiasm, this track and venue is going to be the best in the country.
Well done to Malcolm Hebden and all the team.

Marshalling isn't that bad is it Andy?

Most people know why this report is so late - thanks for not pestering me about it - Brian.

A Final
1) Neil Cragg
2) Paul Bradby
3) Dave Bailey
B Final
1) Tom Cockerill
2) Richard Lowe
3) Carl Hopps
C Final
1) Louise Hebden
2) Steven Pierce
3) Chris Hirst
D Final
1) Iain Clarke
2) James Wright
3) Jason Young
E Final
1) Ben Riley
2) Andrew Baker
3) Peter Watson
F Final
1) John Anderton
2) Michael Pattinson


Indoor Regional - Teesside
2nd November 2003