2004 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Batley - 5th / 6th June 2004


Batley Outdoor Regional
2 Wheel Drive - Round 3 of 5
4 Wheel Drive - Round 2 of 4.
Report by Graham North and Brian Hopps.
Pictures by Jimmy Storey.

Race Data 2WD 4WD

Championship Tables (2wd) (4wd)

The second round of the 2004 4WD series and the third round of the 2004 2WD series was held at Batley Buggy Club, at their usual excellent outdoor track behind Spenborough Baths, near Cleckheaton.

Strangely enough the weather was very kind over the entire weekend, and anyone who has seen it when it really rains at Batley will understand that is a very good thing indeed, the previous weekend had seen the straight under 3 inches of water!

Batley’s track is very demanding, and very, very unforgiving! With a great deal of the track being made up of permanent features, it can be a little difficult to create a different track layout, but the Batley club members managed it. On both Saturday and Sunday, they provided the drivers with a very good and race-able track. My only slight criticism is that the track seems to be getting increasingly bumpier year upon year, but I’m sure the Batley crew will sort that out and continue to give the drivers a challenge.

Schumacher Yellow Mini-spikes were again the tyre of choice, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth taking anything else these days?

There was a good turn out on both days, which was probably due to the up-coming National, but 6 heats of 4wd and 9 of 2wd was still impressive!


Qualifying was dominated by Richard Taylor and Neil Cragg, who are currently fighting it out with Chris Doughty for wins in the National series! Tricky Dickie would eventually win all three legs of the final from second on the grid to win the meeting.  Looks like we could be in for a fantastic National!



Richard Lowe took TQ from Paul Bradby in qualifying, and managed to hold on for his first ever regional win in the one leg A final, despite losing out on the clay banking on the first lap, he eventually crossed the line 1.15 seconds in front of Paul.


A quick mention for Jim Dixon, who managed to tear the ligaments in his foot while going to marshal the first race, resulting in a trip to the hospital. Thanks to all the people who looked after him, and get well soon Jimerly!

4wd “Driver of the Day” goes to Ben Riley for keeping everyone entertained with his car breaking antics all day!  I’m not sure exactly how many races he actually finished with the car in one piece, but it wasn’t many.  He even raced his B4 in one round, and broke that as well!  Nice one fella.

2wd “Drivers of the Day” go to Carl Hopps and Richard Lowe. Carl drove consistently well all weekend, especially on Sunday, and congratulations to Richard on his first regional win, but I’m not sure if Bradders will let it happen again though! J

Thanks to all of the Batley crew for an excellent meeting, especially Dianne Harrison who kept a very busy meeting running smoothly all day.

If you would like to contribute to the report of the next regional or national event, please let Brian or Graham know.

2004 Outdoor Calendar
4th April
- Durham 2WD Round 1
2nd May - Durham 4WD Round 1
23rd May - Harrogate 2WD Round 2
5th June - Batley 4WD Round 2
6th June
- Batley 2WD Round 3
27th June - Teesside 4WD Round 3
10th July - York 2WD Round 4
11th July
- York 4WD Round 4
22nd August - Teesside 2WD Round 5



A Final
1) Richard Lowe
2) Paul Bradby
3) Ben Riley
B Final
1) Andy Fox
2) James Wright
3) Richard Norris
C Final
1) Richard Coates
2) John Harris
3) Adam Carter
D Final
1) John Price
2) Richard Newbould
3) Mark Watson
E Final
1) Daniel Carter
2) Peter Watson
3) Daryl Turnbull
F Final
1) Philip Stirling
2) Stuart Jefferson
3) James Wallis
A Final Non Regional
1) Gavin Crolla
2) Chris Long
3) Stuart Wood
B Final Non Regional
1) Brian Preddy
2) Andrew Jones
3) Dominic Hodges


A Final
1) Richard Taylor
2) Neil Cragg
3) Paul Bradby
B Final
1) Stephen Kirk
2) David Grunhill
3) Andrew Shillito
C Final
1) Bobbie Scott
2) Stephen Adams
3) Andrew Grason
D Final
1) Adam Carter
2) Gemma Towers
3) Martyn Carter
E Final
1) Glenn Atterton
2) Chris Long
3) Tony Rochester


Outdoor Regional - Teesside
4WD Round 3
27th June 2004