2004 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Teesside - 27th June 2004


Teesside Outdoor Regional
4 Wheel Drive - Round 3 of 4.
Report by Kash Khan
Pictures by Brian Hopps.

Race Data 4WD

Championship Tables (2wd) (4wd)

The third round of the 2004 4WD regional series was held at the Teesside Radio Car Club outdoor off-road track.  The track is situated in a natural bowl, with the race surface being mainly grass and sections of Astroturf. The Teesside off-road members had designed an enjoyable track layout, including fast sections, jumps and a technical infield. There were also a few bumpy areas to test all the driver abilities. Big thanks goes to these guys as they did well to prepare the track within a week. Whilst we are on the subject, a big thanks also goes to Derek Bradby and Phil Studley for running race control, as without them this event would not have gone ahead. 

The morning didn't get off to a good start as there was some teething troubles with the latest AMB software, new transponders, and the loop, these were eventually ironed out and meant a late start, so the decision was made to only run single leg finals. This was received very well by all the drivers.

Racing (FTQ) or round by round (RBR) was put to the vote at the drivers briefing, which gave a close 50-50 split. After a short discussion the sensible option of RBR was chosen, but as always, hindsight is a wonderful thing and the track held up very well all day. The weather didn't disappoint either, a glorious day's sunshine gave many sunburnt faces by the end of the day.

When racing got on the way, the lap pace was around 25 seconds with the faster drivers in the later heats putting in times of around 22 seconds.

David Snee, Adam Skeldon and Ben Riley looked the fastest, with one of these guys guaranteed to take pole in the A.

The track was very grippy, even after 4 heats of qualifying.   This made it possible for people to run a range of tyres, but it appeared to be part-worn Schumacher yellow mini-spikes that were the most popular choice. Schumacher blue mini-spikes were also used by some of the North West drivers, just to provide the exception to the rule!

There was a really good atmosphere about with plenty of good comments made about the track. The day was very relaxed even with the computer problems early on. We nearly even got through the day without the need for penalties except for Carl Hopps who invented a short cut and received a 10sec penalty for his trouble (This promoted Glenn Atterton to third, but after the photos were taken).

The racing finished within good time for everyone to be home at a reasonable time. All in all it was a good days racing with the next round at York in two weeks time deciding who will win the 4wd series, which is still wide open for a number of drivers to claim it.



Driver of the Day has to go to little Greg Williams for finishing 5th in the C Final …Maybe he could be the next Neil Cragg?

We also have to give Alex Inglis Junior a mention for winning the E Final and beating Gemma Towers, an F3 Driver!!!! (Her excuse was that she didn’t finish a race all day, we all believe her don’t we????)

The Teesside track has the potential to be one of the premier off-road venues in the country.

As usual it's a small number of dedicated people that put all the hard work in, well done to those who worked hard to get this track ready.

If you live in the Teesside area and would like to get started in racing radio control cars, take a look at their web site http://www.trcc.org.uk

2004 Outdoor Calendar
4th April
- Durham 2WD Round 1
2nd May - Durham 4WD Round 1
23rd May - Harrogate 2WD Round 2
5th June - Batley 4WD Round 2
6th June
- Batley 2WD Round 3
27th June - Teesside 4WD Round 3
10th July - York 2WD Round 4
11th July
- York 4WD Round 4
22nd August - Teesside 2WD Round 5



A Final
1) David Snee
2) Adam Skelding
3) Graham North
B Final
1) Stuart Evans
2) Chris Hirst
3) Carl Hopps
C Final
1) Andrew Grason
2) Bobby Scott
3) Adam Ridings
D Final
1) Alex Inglis
2) Melissa Scott
3) Stuart Jefferson
E Final
1) Alex Inglis Jnr
2) Gemma Towers


Outdoor Regional - York
2WD Round 4
4WD Round 4
10th / 11th July 2004