2005 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Bury Metro - 4th / 5th June 2005

2 Wheel Drive - Round 2
4 Wheel Drive - Round 1

Report by Kash Khan.
Photography by Jimmy Storey

This was the first full weekend of the outdoor regional series with the 4 wheel drive class being held on the Saturday and 2 wheel drive on Sunday.

Bury is what some class as a true off-road track with many different surfaces, bumps, elevations making it a track that has to be driven to get good results.

It is also the first time that Bury Metro was part of what is now known as the Northern Regional series, a different track that many drivers hadn’t raced on before.

The weather wasn’t very kind to start with on Saturday. It was very windy all day with the odd scatter of rain. However Sunday had less wind but did get cold now and then.

It was a good turn out with a number of people staying for the weekend. There were a few drivers that came from other regions to race this weekend, so they could get some early practise and setups sorted for the forthcoming BRCA National in two weeks time.

Four wheel drive started with many people suffering breakages, mainly being shock towers. The track is not forgiving when you get it wrong, so the key was take it easy and be consistent, as that would pay off for a good time.

Rich Taylor was looking very fast all day and managed to put his XX4 on pole, he then went onto win with runners up Paul Bradby and Steve Lawson, who was also using a XX4.

Qualifying went really quickly which left a bit of time before finals were started. This led to around 20 drivers using the period for a game of football. It was the Young v Oldies and the Oldies took a convincing win and showed the young guys how to play. There was a rematch set for the next day which again saw the Oldies take the win. I’m sure there will be another match at the Batley regional which will be the next full race weekend early July.

2wd was much easier on the cars with many drivers finding the different layout a lot easier to drive. There were a lot of drivers doing consistent times but this was needed to get a good time as there were around 70 drivers on the day.

In the first 3 finals there was an unfortunate incident where the race system didn’t pick up personal transponders. When this was realised these finals had already been ran and with time getting on it would have been too late to run them again. It was decided by the Consortium to use the final qualifying position to determine the results. This wasn’t a popular decision by those drivers who had improved on their qualifying position, but it was generally decided that it was the only thing that could be done.

The 2wd win went to Stuart Wood who managed to snatch it off Rich Taylor from making it a double win for the weekend.

A big thanks to the members of Bury Metro for giving us a good weekends racing and we will look forward to more regional meetings at this track.


2005 Outdoor Calendar
Sun 17th April 2WD NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sun 08th May 4WD NE Regional - HARROGATE CANCELLED
Sat 04th June 4WD NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sun 05th June 2WD NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sun 12th June 4WD NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sun 26th June 2WD NE Regional - DURHAM
Sat 02nd July 2WD NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 03rd July 4WD NE Regional - BATLEY
Sat 20th August 4WD NE Regional - YORK
Sun 21st August 2WD NE Regional - YORK







A Final
B Final
D Final
G Final


A Final
B Final
C Final
D Final
F Final


Outdoor Regional - Teesdale
4WD Round 2
4th/5th June 2005