2005 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Teesdale - 12th June 2005

4 Wheel Drive - Round 2
Report by Kash Khan and Brian Hopps.

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The 2nd round of the 4wd regional was held at the newly formed club Teesdale Park Buggy Club.

We have already been here once this year for the opening 2wd regional which was a good meeting with some really nice weather so we had hoped for a similar day. But the British Summer shone through once again with rain from round 2 onwards and never really stopped until the finals.

The track is all grass which had a long straight across the back with a small tabletop and a wooden skip jump.

Round by Round was chosen for qualifying as the weather forecast was for rain later in the day. After round 1 David Snee set TQ using his old XX4 but had a few problems after that so it was Richard Lowe that went onto take TQ for the day.

Most of the qualifying was close with a number of drivers putting in some very consistent runs making qualifying split by very close times.

Greg Williams had a really good score in the first round and managed to place his car 10th in C final and eventually finished 4th which was a great result and I am sure that he will be pleased with himself, keep it up Greg.

The A final was really good to watch with some very close racing between Richard Lowe, Tom Cockerill and Dan Greenwood. Richard led from start to finish with Tom and Dan pushing him all the way. Dan and Tom battled to the last corner for second which Dan took. It was great racing which got a cheer from the people watching.

A Big Thanks goes to Derek Bradby for running race control your help was greatly appreciated by all of Team Teesdale.




2005 Outdoor Calendar
Sun 17th April 2WD NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sun 08th May 4WD NE Regional - HARROGATE CANCELLED
Sat 04th June 4WD NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sun 05th June 2WD NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sun 12th June 4WD NE Regional - TEESDALE
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Sat 02nd July 2WD NE Regional - BATLEY
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Sat 20th August 4WD NE Regional - YORK
Sun 21st August 2WD NE Regional - YORK







A Final
1) Richard Lowe
2) Dan Greenwood
3) Tom Cockerill
B Final
1) Arslan Butt
2) Stephen Pierce
3) John Price
C Final
1) Adam Carter
2) Richard Norris
3) James Sykes
D Final
1) Chris Bell
2) Malcolm Hebden
3) Darren Horsman
E Final
1) Nicholas Gordon
Meeting TQ
Richard Lowe
Pictured with Richard Drake


Outdoor Regional - Durham
2WD Round 3
26th June 2005