2006 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Teesdale - 2nd April 2006

2 Wheel Drive - Round 1
Report by Kash Khan.

Race and Championship Race Data 2wd Series

Just one week after the Indoor Finals which were held at Batley starts the outdoor season in the North East. The first 2wd outdoor meeting brought us all to Teesdale Park Buggy Club based in Thornaby-on-Tees in the North East.

This is the second year this club has hosted a regional, so there were a lot of people curious if there had been any changes to the track from the previous year. The track is all grass and being a former bowling green used to be very flat! A new permanent feature had been added this year, which was a large jump covered in Astroturf, and also some man made mole hills before going onto the straight.  A small table top and skip jump were added to make it more interesting. There will be more features to come later in the year as club and track development continues.

It was a good turn out for the start of the year, in total 79 drivers, which shows that off-road popularity is still on the rise. With the weather leading up to the event not being particularly dry, the path to the car park became muddy and few cars got stuck. This was quickly sorted and everyone managed to get out okay.

Round by Round was chosen for qualifying as the weather forecast had suggested a possibility of light showers.  However after round 1 had finished the lovely grey clouds appeared and what was supposed to be shower became a waterfall. This continued all day and never really gave up.

A drivers meeting was called after round 2 to ask if the drivers wished to run 4 rounds and no final or continue with the 4 rounds and final. The drivers voted to continue with 4 rounds and finals.

However as the rain did not subside so another meeting was called after round 3 and the decision was made to drop the finals and use the qualifying scores to obtain the final position.

The laps were reasonably long with the faster drivers managing to complete a lap in around 24 seconds.

Tyre choices varied with people using anything they had in their pit boxes, this included Schumacher Mini Spikes, Full Spikes, Ballistics and TR32.  Dan (orange-glow) Greenwood was using Schumacher Full Spikes despite being laughed at, However, Dan was the one who had the last laugh as he TQ’ed the meeting.  Well done everyone for a successful day in poor weather conditions.

2006 Outdoor Calendar
Sun 2nd April 2WD Round 1 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th April 2WD Round 2 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 30th April 4WD Round 1 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 20th May 4WD Round 2 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 21st May 2WD Round 3 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 11th June 2WD Round 4 NE Regional - DURHAM
Sun 9th July 4WD Round 3 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th July 2WD Round 5 NE Regional - YORK
Sun 30th July 4WD Round 4 NE Regional - YORK



Outdoor Regional
Bury Metro
2WD Round 2
29th April 2006
4WD Round 1
30th April 2006