2006 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Durham - 11th June 2006

2 Wheel Drive - Round 4
Report by Kash Khan.

Race and Championship Race Data 2wd Series

Jimmy's pics from the event on Oople.com

Who ever said "It's Grim up North"? especially after the lovely weather at North East R/C Racing 2wd Regional Meeting. This was the first time this year that we had some really good weather for NE Regional, just when were all starting to get used to the rain.

The event was held outside the Nissan Sports Centre on the grounds of the Nissan Car factory in Sunderland.

It’s a all grass track with a several man made features including a table top.

The turn out once again was really well attended with 78 drivers competing.

So far this year in 2wd series there has been over 100 drivers attending the meetings which is really good for the sport.

With the weather forecast looking good for the day FTQ was chosen for a change which some people seemed very pleased about. It was a good decision by Bill as the track did hold up well and the times stayed fairly consistent throughout the meeting.

Richard Lowe took FTQ with Ben Riley very close in 2nd with just 0.68 seconds separating them both. BQ went to Graham North so he got the chance to wear a pretty hat that really suited him.

Craig Collinson took the Win in the A-Final; he managed to hold a fast chasing Ben Riley who took second place. Craig’s car managed to pass the finish line and then broke. I think Craig rode some good luck but well done for another good win. It looks like Craig’s adding to the competition at the top which is good to see. Also his brother Wayne has started back racing up after 9 years of absence so there maybe some brotherly challenges going on to take the honours,  but I think Wayne will need some practise to get out of the C-Final to add a challenge to Craig in the A.

Well done to everyone at North East R/C Racing for making it a very enjoyable day.

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