2006 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Bury Metro - 29th & 30th April 2006

2 Wheel Drive - Round 2
4 Wheel Drive - Round 1

Report by Kash Khan & Richard Drake.

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The last weekend in April was also to be the first full weekend of three for the North East Regionals this year. This took us to the North West and to the well established Bury Metro track. This track is classed by many drivers as a true off road track with many different features, surfaces and undulations to keep drivers concentrating for the full five minutes during qualifying.  Most drivers like the track because you can run worn tires and still be competitive. With the sun shining Roger Wood who was running the meeting choose FTQ for qualifying for 2wd which surprised a few people as they are used to seeing round by round at many events these days. I think the decision was a good choice as many of the driver were still able to put there fastest time in the last round of qualifying. There were 11 heats for 2wd with some of the drivers running as part of the non regional class, however as off road is now rapidly growing, there were in excess of the 79 drivers who were competing at the last round of the NE Regionals (at Teesdale Park).

There were quite a number of people camping so this did lead to what now seems to be a traditional football match of Young v Oldies. Even though it was only a short match the Oldies proved to be far superior and won once again (no surprises there then!)

4wd didn't have as many entries as 2wd however there was enough to fill 8 heats of qualifying. Unlike the day before, round by round was chosen due to the forecast of rain later in the day, which proved to be correct. During the last round, the rain came down and looked to continue for the rest of the day. It did stop raining as the finals started, and with the A Final running last, some of the wet track had chance to dry a little before the main event.

The A Final saw some really good driving. Paul Bradby (TQ) made a good start and was leading comfortably till he made a mistake, giving the opportunity for Dan Greenwood to take the lead. Paul challenged Dan at every opportunity to re-take the lead but Dan kept closing the door. Meanwhile behind them, Tom Cockerill had chance to catch up and join in on challenging for the lead. The Lead changed hands several times and what looked certain for Paul to take the win, however Paul made a slight error on the banked corner leading to the finishing line which gave Dan the opportunity to sneak past and take the win, to a large round of applause.  It was a great race to watch, and we hope to see more of it this year.

Thanks to all at Bury-Metro for a great weekend of racing.

2006 Outdoor Calendar
Sun 2nd April 2WD Round 1 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th April 2WD Round 2 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 30th April 4WD Round 1 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 20th May 4WD Round 2 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 21st May 2WD Round 3 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 11th June 2WD Round 4 NE Regional - DURHAM
Sun 9th July 4WD Round 3 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th July 2WD Round 5 NE Regional - YORK
Sun 30th July 4WD Round 4 NE Regional - YORK



Outdoor Regional
Bury Metro
4WD Round 2
20th May 2006
2WD Round 3
21st May 2006