2006 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
Batley - 20th & 21st May 2006

2 Wheel Drive - Round 3
4 Wheel Drive - Round 2

Report by Kash Khan.

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Pictures courtesy of Jimmy Storey.


Wet weather greeted the second full weekend of the outdoor regional series with 4wd being held on the Saturday and 2wd on Sunday.

Saturday morning was a typical British Summers Day. The rain was falling in a abundance and the track was starting to flood nicely. However this did not stop the meeting going ahead in true off-road style.

The Straight wasn’t used as it was a bit deep and nobody had turned up with their RC boats! The track was laid avoiding the straight and the double humps however the table top was still used along with some of the concrete section.

There were a number of drivers who opted not to race which meant that there were only 5 heats. Qualifying started with a few people suffering blown speed controllers as there were not covering up all the electrics.  A few moments to bag up the receiver and speed controller is enough to make sure the electrics stay dry and not cause any problems for the rest of the day.

Keeping a tight line and making sure you finished rewarded you with a good score as it was round by round qualifying and there were a quite a few drivers that failed to finish.

After the first round "DayGlow" Greenwood had TQ however Paul Bradby managed to take the fastest time for the next three rounds which put him on Pole for the final.

The rain only stopped during the final round which was a big relief and it stayed dry for the finals. The track did start to drain well and all the standing water had gone during the finals.

The A final was another good battle which was between Paul Bradby, Richard Lowe and Craig Collinson. Craig eventually took the Win so well done Craig it’s good to see the competition is getting stronger.


2wd showed a greater entry then the day before with 8 heats. The day did start out dry however after the first round the rain started and continued for the rest of the meeting.

Meetings were called after the third and fourth round asking the drivers if racing should continue but in the end it was decided to drop the finals and use the final qualifying position as the result. This turned out to be Richard Lowe so with this result it keeps him at the top of the table after three rounds. There is plenty of time for this to change and a number of drivers are in with a chance of winning.

Big Thanks to everyone at Batley Buggy Club for running a meeting in poor weather condition. The weekend was still good and there was plenty of fun racing in the wet.

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Outdoor Regional
2WD Round 4
11th June 2006