2006 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
York - 30th/31st July 2006

2 Wheel Drive - Round 5
4 Wheel Drive - Round 4

Report by Kash Khan.

Race and Championship Data 2wd Series 4wd Series

This was the last meeting of the outdoor 2006 regional series with 2wd being held on the Saturday and 4wd on Sunday. York club holds the regional meetings at Wigginton, the track is built up from scratch and the club use the ground and facilities of Wigginton Sports Club.

Graham North led the enthusiastic challenge of building the Track with the help of Tom, Vermin, Derek, Phil and Peter from the York Club.

Who says Flat Grass tracks are boring? The track design on both days were great and just goes to show what can be done with a little bit of thought. The Island idea was really good and watching the cars going through was very amusing as it would sometimes catch the drivers in two minds about the direction they should take.

The weather was great on both days, mixed with sunshine and clouds. There were a few spots of rain that did fall toward the end of Sunday however this didn’t seem to cause any issues. It was a good turn out with a number of people staying for the weekend. Both nights showed a great atmosphere with everyone staying over really enjoying themselves everyone made a real effort and we even had the company of Paul Bradby staying over.

There was also what now seems to be the traditional football match on the Saturday night. This time however it was mixed teams as the oldies would have been too good and we didn’t want to make the match one sided.

The track held up really well on both days and stayed fairly consistent. Most people opted to use Schumacher Minispikes in Yellow compound; these tyres didn’t wear too quickly so you could happily use only 1 set all day. Richard Lowe took pole and the win for 2wd. Ben Riley came from 10th to finish 3rd but this left him 3 points short overall to take the Regional Series from Richard Lowe. Well done Richard.

In 4wd  Paul Bradby dominated the A–final  taking the win by 10 seconds Paul’s Driving was great to watch, driving very smooth and tidy without trying to go too fast. With this win he also took the top honours for the 4wd Regional series. Well done Paul.

It is a great end to this years Outdoor Regional Series and looking forward to it all again next year.

Big thanks to the members of York Club for giving us a good weekends racing.

2006 Outdoor Calendar
Sun 2nd April 2WD Round 1 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th April 2WD Round 2 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 30th April 4WD Round 1 NE Regional - BURY METRO
Sat 20th May 4WD Round 2 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 21st May 2WD Round 3 NE Regional - BATLEY
Sun 11th June 2WD Round 4 NE Regional - DURHAM
Sun 9th July 4WD Round 3 NE Regional - TEESDALE
Sat 29th July 2WD Round 5 NE Regional - YORK
Sun 30th July 4WD Round 4 NE Regional - YORK



North East Interclub
Sunday 3rd September 2006