2010 North East Regional Series Results - 10th Electric Off Road
NERCR - 15th & 16th May 2010
2wd Round 2
4wd Round 1

2 Wheel Drive Data

2 Wheel Drive Series

4 Wheel Drive Data



2WD Regionals:- Best 3 sets of points to count – Entry Fee: 8.00 (per event)

4WD Regionals:- Best 3 sets of points to count – Entry Fee 8.00 (per event) 

Sunday 25th April 2wd Round 1 at Batley
Saturday 15th May 2wd Round 2 at NERCR
Sunday 16th May 4wd Round 2 at NERCR
Saturday 29th May 4wd Round 2 at Jarrow
Sunday 30th May 2wd Round 3 at Jarrow
Saturday 10th July 4wd Round 3 at Teesside
Sunday 11th July 2wd Round 4 at Teesside
Saturday 24th July 2wd Round 5 at York
Sunday 25th July 4wd Round 4 at York
Sunday 1st August 4wd Round 5 at Batley

BOOKING IN - For this year we are going to try and get everyone booked in before the event to reduce the amount of work to be done on the day. Please use the normal North East booking in site, which can be found here http://www.brca-northeast.net/

Online booking in will close at midnight on the Tuesday before the event. If you haven't booked in online, you may miss your practice session, (this decision is for the race director on the day) If you book in online and fail to make the event, at the next event you will be un-seeded for the heats.


A practice session heat list will be published on the results site and http://www.oople.com on the Thursday before the event.

Practice will start in heat order no earlier than 8.30am

Heat 1 should be ready to practice at 8.30am

Reminder:- You can only score points in one (1) region per class. If you enter the NE points scoring 2WD or 4WD heats and you appear on any other regions 2WD/4WD points listing, you lose BOTH sets of points for that class (ie: Disqualified from that class across the UK Regionals). Drivers running in the buggy classes from non-North East regions will be placed in Non-Regional Finals (so as not to affect the points system) or as previous reminder. All buggy class entrants pay the 8.00 entry fee.

1/10 EP TRUCK CLASS:- At each 2wd Regional meeting their will be a 1/10 EP Truck Class. This class will NOT count for regional points/trophies/formulas/End of Year Finals etc.

The Entry Fee will be 6.00 for this class. Batteries:- Usual cells and any 7.4V Lipo (Hard Cased) allowed.

BATTERIES/MOTORS:- ONLY BRCA LEGAL Brushed and/or Brushless Motors and Batteries (including Lipo’s (as per Electric Board Listing at the time)) will be allowed within any BRCA Sanctioned event.

TIMETABLE:- Every effort to be made to commence booking-in at 7.30am, Practise (5 minute slots if possible) commencing at 8.30am. Last call for drivers re booking-in at 9.00am, Drivers briefing 9.45am and Heat One (1) on the line by 10.00am.

NOTE:- Any pre-booked in driver not actually confirming entry by 9.00am on the day will be deleted from the listing at that time and may be classified as unseeded for the meeting in question plus the following one (should they turn up late). If you realise on the morning you have a problem please ring the Consortium Mobile 07711995264.

QUALIFYING:- FTD or Round Points (Race Director/Regional Rep decision).

Four rounds of qualifying and ONE Final for everyone (Barring the unforeseen happening).

The general rule will be to run qualifying (4 rounds) and drop finals if problems arise.


TROPHIES:- TQ and First, Second & Third placed drivers in each Regional FINAL to receive a trophy. Also trophies for (based on qualifying) to the highest placed Under 13, Under 16 and Veteran driver.

END of SEASON FINALS MEETINGS:- (Entry Forms will be on www.onetenthoffroad.co.uk)

British Regional Finals (BRC) - Top 10/15 Non F1’s from 2010 NE Regionals . . .


Juniors/(u13), Under 16, and Veterans (No qualification required)

to be held at the Coventry Venue on Saturday 4th Sept and Sunday 5th Sept.

F3/F4/F5 Finals – Top 5 or so of F3, F4, F5 to be held at the Silverstone Venue on Saturday 18th September and Sunday 19th September.




Sat. 29th & Sun. 30th May